The alteration of the classic Indian Head Test Pattern is meant as an homage to a pop culture icon and I hope my Native American friends (I correspond with two) take no offense. History of the test pattern below.

Oddball Florida News of 2012

Dave Emcees YMCA Fundraiser Breakfast with Regis Philbin

I enjoyed hosting the appearances of Regis Philbin and David Cassidy at the YMCA Prayer Breakfast fundraiser at the Boca Raton Resort and Club.

I chat up David Cassidy and intro brother Dick.

Last Flight of Atlantis

Delray Dave places in the Delray Beach Chili Cookoff.

Dave shows you around Pensacola.

Marketwatch … This generic stock market report has been frighteningly accurate on several occasions since I recorded it.

Trash Cash … I’ve always had a soft spot for this one about the most worthless currency on the planet.

Chuck & Bill … When Jonathan was 14, he was a film maker and his hand puppet, Ground Chuck, met the President of the United States.

Scuba … Dave is a certified…diver.


The Indian Head Test Pattern was created in 1939 during testing of early television to allow technicians to set the proper aspect ratio of 4:3.

RCA commissioned an artist by the name of Brooks (first name unknown) in 1938 to render the stately profile of an Indian leader for reasons that are lost to history. This graphic was shown at the end of the broadcast day and when there was no programming on network TV from 1949 till the late 1970s. In 1970 when the old RCA factory and offices were being demolished in Harrison,  New Jersey, a worker found the original artwork in the trash and kept it for thirty years, finally putting it up for sale on the Internet. A collector acquired it and now sells reproductions of it online. This icon was burned into the brains of the Baby Boom generation who would tune in early to paste their faces close to the cathode rays until the commencement of kids’ programming.